FLA Essential Services is a Professional company engaged in Housekeeping service for Office, Office Campus, Commercial Premises, Private sector, Hotel Industries (Resort), Clubs, Hospitals, Production Houses, I.T Industries, Societies, Institutes, Showrooms etc. by advanced techniques and well experienced housekeeping staff for a better working environment. Presently Housekeeping is not looked at only as a back of the house area. The housekeepers of today function as a vital influence of the property. Housekeeping today demands professional staff which gives superior results. Outsourcing Agencies proves to be highly cost-effective, makes better business sense with hassle free. The Company has its office at Andheri (Mumbai) which undertakes complete range of Facility Management contracts and services.

The Mission :

Over the decade there has been a silent revolution in Housekeeping. Cleaning procedure with latest systems is making an overall impact. In such a scenario it is therefore, and it is natural that today’s customers are demanding the best services with quality and good working environment.

The company’s first priority has always been to give the best of services to ensure complete satisfaction of its clients. We strives in providing the most qualified work force in utmost professional manner. The aim is to cater to all the needs of its client in housekeeping jobs. We are fully trained and are conscious of our business which we strongly feel is parallel to the hospitality industry.

After a period of hard working to satisfy our customer’s needs allowed us to expand our services from local to national. And we are growing to meet your needs with our commitment to satisfy you with the very best in services. FLA Essential Services Company will provide you with the very best in Services. We will go out of our way to meet your specific needs for your esteem premises. Along with that, we are particularly proud of the dedication and customer service attitude of our employees.


We focus our unconditional efforts to best serve our customers. We endeavor to provide top quality service by recognizing and fulfilling our customer's/client's needs.


We earn the trust of others through professional conduct that includes honesty, reliability, and competency.


We work together in support of our mission. Our individual contributions are amplified by the synergetic effect of cooperative effort focused towards a common purpose. We value the individual as an integral member of the team. Each individual is considered to be an integral part of a greater whole and is treated with respect and dignity.


We enthusiastically deliver quality services to our customers while consistently seeking to improve those services through creativity and innovation. Working diligently to continuously improve FLA Essentials through pride in work.

Our Credentials :

  • Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948, Registration No-760035605.
  • Employees Provident Fund Organization Registration No-MH/PF/210687
  • Employees State Insurance Corporation Registration No-3500005447000-1001
  • Service Tax Division VI Mumbai Registration No-AIRPD5585AST001
  • Permanent Account Number- AIRPD5585A
  • Professional Tax No.(Self) – 99121615878P
  • Professional Tax No.(Co.) – 27335204253P
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